from 1st January 2021

This table will show the Prices Advised on the website (usually the day before the race)
and the Actual Starting Price on the Race Day

NameDateAdvised PriceStarting PricePosition
MethidtotheMadnessJune 207-27-41st
Neverbeen To ParisJune 2012-115-28th
Queen DaenerysJune 2013-210-17th
River LlynfiJune 2025-140-1PU
AlbafloraJune 197-113-25th
PhotographJune 193-13-11st
Amalfi DougJune 1913-211-42nd
Truth In JestJune 199-211-41st
Isle of LismoreJune 197-25-21st
Echo BeachJune 1813-217-25th
Forest FalconJune 189-25-16th
NewboltJune 1714-113-23rd
Ritchie ValensJune 177-17-15th
Prince ImperialJune 176-110-31st
Gloria MundiJune 176-19-17th
Rawhide StateJune 1612-112-16th
MegansEighteenJune 164-17-23rd
Dark CompanyJune 166-17-26th
Ey Up Its MickJune 1611-411-45th
KhezannaJune 169-413-83rd
River WharfeJune 155-111-21st
M c MuldoonJune 159-211-22nd
Point of HonourJune 154-19-25th
Wise JudgementJune 158-17-21st
TakeItEasyJune 155-23-12nd
My TyrellJune 1410-117-21st
Et Tu BruteJune 1412-18-16th
Dr T J EckleburgJune 149-47-42nd
George BancroftJune 137-18-17th
Kindred SpiritJune 137-25-18th
HeadingleyJune 137-23-13rd
Top Of The PopsJune 127-211-45th
GlynnJune 125-111-22nd
EnsuredJune 124-17-23rd
QuemondaJune 1215-25-42nd
Roberto EscobarrJune 125-211-81st
Russian VirtueJune 117-24-12nd
Gilt EdgeJune 115-15-22nd
ZubaJune 113-113-83rd
HatcherJune 114-19-21st
AuriaJune 105-17-24th
Gift of KingsJune 104-19-22nd
Mr ExcellencyJune 107-25-24th
Green BelieverJune 1010-112-19th
Action HeroJune 1011-49-43rd
The Blue BomberJune 98-116-53rd
OrgetorixJune 913-215-24th
Guardia SvizzeraJune 98-19-29th
Flying StandardJune 99-23-12nd
BallymilanJune 818-114-16th
Doves CryJune 86-16-15th
Check My PulseJune 87-28-14th
Tribal ArtJune 85-16-41st
Top SecretJune 77-110-37th
KeeperJune 73-15-62nd
Thunder SunJune 77-211-16th
Platinum PrinceJune 622-118-16th
ShalanezJune 69-17-18th
East AsiaJune 65-27-41st
WakoolJune 610-39-43rd
ChankayaJune 516-113-27th
RidgewayJune 55-15-11st
Group On PowerJune 510-311-83rd
ArabescatoJune 52-15-22nd
El BorrachoJune 57-211-41st
Mercian PrinceJune 412-117-22nd
Cage of FearJune 47-16-1PU
Crystal CasqueJune 44-110-36th
JapanJune 47-210-33rd
Gateway to EuropeJune 39-17-16th
Bucks DreamJune 32-115-83rd
Tibble DunbarJune 315-23-12nd
MontannaJune 35-25-61st
Time Has WingsJune 39-25-16th
Chocolate BoxJune 213-217-25th
ZaajirahJune 210-36-43rd
OceanlineJune 25-28-131st
De Vegas KidJune 113-26-15th
Fast MedicineJune 13-15-12nd
Berry EdgeJune 19-210-35th
Frankly Mr ShanklyJune 13-111-22nd
NameDateAdvised PriceStarting PricePosition
Sunset MemoryMay 3110-113-26th
LeapawayMay 3113-217-24th
Alfred BoucherMay 3115-211-44th
King CoolMay 3012-113-26th
Black CentaurMay 307-1NRNR
Well EducatedMay 3013-29-24th
ThimbleweedMay 3020-128-16th
AlrightjackMay 307-29-23rd
Toro StrikeMay 295-15-16th
Sir MaxiMay 2910-310-38th
LaskadineMay 294-111-24th
Master MilinerMay 294-111-21st
Ryan's PartyMay 294-115-85th
Angel BleuMay 284-15-21st
TitleMay 283-115-81st
Shepherds WayMay 287-210-33rd
Lord ScnappsMay 279-213-22nd
Rhebus RoadMay 2712-18-13rd
KnowwhentorunMay 2712-112-16th
The Princes PoetMay 275-25-25th
White LadyMay 2610-112-17th
CarrighillyMay 2613-215-22nd
ImprovisedMay 268-18-15th
Farasi LaneMay 269-25-25th
Bint AustraliaMay 2512-19-13rd
CholholteenMay 2516-110-12nd
Real EstateMay 2510-111-17th
Sparkle In His EyeMay 259-117-211th
DaramethosMay 252-111-83rd
DecusaMay 2410-117-27th
Kilbrew BoyMay 249-17-13rd
PageroMay 246-15-13rd
IsaphanMay 242-111-101st
RoarMay 238-17-11st
MakashiMay 2315-29-27th
Buster ThomasMay 233-15-23rd
Zoom Zoom BabeMay 2212-116-16th
Molls MemoryMay 229-24-11st
Future InvestmentMay 2211-27-25th
Al MadharMay 225-18-16th
AmighwarMay 223-110-37th
Solar ScreenMay 2115-213-25th
Taste The FearMay 213-19-21st
Zip PearlMay 2112-1NRNR
Twilight SpinnerMay 2113-28-11st
NodasgoodasawinkMay 209-25-13rd
Das KapitalMay 2016-110-32nd
GreatgadianMay 209-47-43rd
Zinc WhiteMay 2015-811-101st
Black LightningMay 1940-128-13rd
GoldiesLovingitMay 199-19-18th
A La VoileMay 199-27-23rd
L'OperateurMay 194-14-12nd
Castana DiaMay 195-24-11st
Celestial PointMay 1814-113-21st
Great KingMay 1811-47-42nd
CochiseMay 1810-313-82nd
SugarPieHoneyPunchMay 1810-117-28th
MillionsMay 1716-113-29th
Union SpiritMay 1716-114-19th
Bucks DreamMay 1713-217-22nd
Dancing DaniMay 173-19-24th
Dusky DaysMay 1610-311-81st
TamaskaMay 167-2NRNR
Eagle CourtMay 1610-37-23rd
GalahMay 157-116-54th
Bay BridgeMay 157-211-41st
SkandiburgMay 1510-39-25th
DevilwalaMay 154-17-24th
Fox Duty FreeMay 155-27-27th
LatitudeMay 149-19-21st
Final WatchMay 1414-112-11st
True Blue MoonMay 1416-116-11st
Blue CupMay 145-25-27th
The Ravens ReturnMay 1312-15-16th
Skibo CastleMay 1310-113-26th
EvaluationMay 133-13-13rd
The TrampolinistMay 139-2NRNR
WahraanMay 137-46-52nd
WahoolMay 128-13-11st
Huddleton MacMay 124-110-39th
SacristyMay 1112-112-14th
Zinc WhiteMay 117-17-41st
Red GloryMay 117-29-21st
LicklighterMay 1011-29-21st
AlbadorMay 105-110-39th
BalkadyMay 107-14-19th
ZikanyMay 107-215-82nd
Wind TorMay 918-15-1Fell
BarrymountMay 99-210-13rd
ZipMay 825-116-14th
Recovery RunMay 820-112-15th
PreciselyMay 84-1NRNR
TomfreMay 89-29-42nd
Isabella GilesMay 89-27-43rd
Fox ThaiMay 79-27-22nd
Ascot AdventureMay 78-115-24th
Dr t J EckelburgMay 75-111-42nd
NaganoMay 79-413-81st
High ChangeMay 69-111-21st
Tidal WatchMay 611-217-2PU
OntarioMay 611-49-27th
TrueshanMay 611-49-42nd
SonningMay 65-26-46th
Mrs FitzherbertMay 57-18-14th
Mr PoyMay 520-115-22nd
SandestMay 55-16-12nd
NicestMay 511-29-13rd
ThunderstruckMay 55-22-11st
Big NastyMay 47-110-31st
Abel TasmanMay 417-210-31st
Barony LegendsMay 47-23-13rd
TrixsterMay 314-114-18th
Roko GeorgeMay 36-16-13rd
Grisbi De BerceMay 35-110-35th
Noble MasqueradeMay 33-115-85th
Michaels ChoiceMay 39-211-43rd
BonnyriggMay 211-110-13rd
SignficantlyMay 214-116-52nd
ParachuteMay 211-23-11st
IsaphanMay 25-17-25th
Wheres JeffMay 211-210-33rd
NebulosaMay 13-16-41st
Sir Ron PriestleyMay 12-12-11st
KIng's KnightMay 15-211-82nd
Stone of DestinyMay 19-411-52nd
CrossfordMay 14-17-21st
NameDateAdvised PriceStarting PricePosition
Tasfeeq30 Apr11-413-83rd
Platitude30 Apr7-24-16th
Forus30 Apr10-13-13rd
Luxy Lou30 Apr50-116-13rd
Gometra Ginty29 Apr9-210-31st
Impulsive One29 Apr7-24-13rd
Shuv H'Penny King29 Apr10-16-13rd
Catch My Breath29 Apr12-117-29th
True Hero29 Apr2-12-13rd
Immaculate28 Apr10-117-29th
Frame Rate28 Apr9-25-22nd
Galopin Des Champs28 Apr11-413-81st
Show Me A Sunset28 Apr3-17-22nd
Chipstead27 Apr7-114-15th
Dazzling Dan27 Apr9-42-11st
Alaho27 Apr15-86-42nd
Minister26 Apr14-116-19th
Tamaska26 Apr11-211-21st
No Way Bella26 Apr8-112-16th
Classical Wave26 Apr15-82-11st
Fragrant Storm25 Apr9-113-25th
Astroman25 Apr14-117-28th
Red Poppy24 Apr7-211-46th
Mr Lupton24 Apr4-111-24th
Sceau Royal24 Apr5-23-13rd
Mums Tipple24 Apr4-13-12nd
Cometh The Man24 Apr10-315-83rd
Etonian23 Apr7-19-17th
Dingle23 Apr5-13-15th
Fabilis23 Apr11-29-22nd
Captain Blackpearl23 Apr4-14-14th
Bannow22 Apr8-19-23rd
Revasser22 Apr12-19-11st
Longlai22 Apr7-15-12nd
Dillydingdillydong22 Apr5-15-28th
Ernesto21 Apr11-45-41st
Gyllen21 Apr22-120-14th
Landofsmiles21 Apr11-45-21st
Mutamaded21 Apr8-15-12nd
Queens Sargant21 Apr9-46-41st
The Citys Phantom20 Apr6-111-41st
Tangelwood Tales20 Apr11-47-27th
Soto Sizzler20 Apr11-47-42nd
Radetsky March19 Apr12-19-14th
Mystery Show19 Apr11-210-16th
Ask Paddington19 Apr10-33-11st
Hydroplane19 Apr3-113-81st
Northern Bound18 Apr10-16-12nd
Calico18 Apr7-24-14th
Foxes Tales18 Apr5-22-11st
Tamaroc Du Mathan18 Apr15-815-8UR
William H Bonney17 Apr4-13-15th
Toro Strike17 Apr11-45-21st
Red Glory17 Apr10-112-15th
Little Sunflower17 Apr3-111-42nd
Jarveys Plate16 Apr5-26-42nd
Widaadi16 Apr12-14-13rd
Big Jumbo16 Apr6-17-25th
Fete Champetre16 Apr10-39-14th
Lucky Flight16 Apr9-24-1PU
Rainbows Gift15 Apr11-19-14th
Jumbilympics15 Apr7-117-28th
Master of The Seas15 Apr7-211-41st
Creative Force15 Apr4-111-41st
Valiant Prince15 Apr2-15-26th
MarienBlatz14 Apr14-114-12nd
Nellie Moon14 Apr11-49-42nd
Sibaaq14 Apr7-27-41st
Eaglehill14 Apr7-25-2PU
Happy14 Apr7-210-32nd
Youth Spirit13 Apr7-112-14th
Barricane13 Apr4-19-23rd
Percy13 Apr12-120-14th
Roman Encounter13 Apr
In The Bull12 Apr11-110-11st
Al Asef12 Apr11-13-14th
Edraak12 Apr7-22-11st
Sycamore12 Apr5-24-16th
Firodland12 Apr3-111-43rd
Prince Khurram11 Apr11-133-1PU
Commanche Red11 Apr7-17-11st
Imperial Knight11 Apr4-111-41st
Wakool11 Apr10-39-22nd
Maazel10 Apr20-111-19th
Cracking Find10 Apr7-27-21st
GoodTimes Bad Times10 Apr12-17-1Fell
Endlessly10 Apr10-39-23rd
Umneyaat10 Apr3-113-82nd
Gailyhill9 Apr9-111-2PU
Soaring Star9 Apr11-24-13rd
Gameface9 Apr5-211-101st
Ensyaaby9 Apr9-2Evens2nd
Khufu8 Apr11-19-111th
American Gerry8 Apr9-415-82nd
Caspian Queen7 Apr5-111-48th
Night Narcissus7 Apr5-211-48th
Alfredo6 Apr17-25-14th
Final Shot6 Apr4-13-15th
Margub6 Apr4-19-23rd
Moonbeg Genius5 Apr13-2NRNR
Howdillyoudo5 Apr18-110-13rd
Cadeau D'Or5 Apr3-16-43rd
Effronte4 Apr10-19-112th
San Juan4 Apr7-217-26th
Sammy Sunshine4 Apr5-22-13rd
Flashing Glance4 Apr8-110-1PU
Jubilympics3 Apr10-19-13rd
Nine Elms3 Apr7-25-21st
Winter Getaway3 Apr10-37-15th
Champagne Court3 Apr9-211-82nd
Rwanda Mist2 Apr11-17-23rd
Defined2 Apr2-15-42nd
Rock Eagle2 Apr6-111-22nd
Bucks Bins1 Apr9-45-2PU
Game on For Glory1 Apr3-15-22nd
Getaway Mag1 Apr5-22-1PU
NameDateAdvised PriceStarting PricePosition
Kildimo31 Mar3-18-133rd
DownbytheStrand31 Mar7-14-14th
Caid Du Lin31 Mar7-116-1PU
Glenrock Abbey30 Mar11-211-17th
In our Dreams30 Mar50-133-15th
Mr Jack30 Mar7-211-81st
Beyond The Pale29 Mar10-37-42nd
Chairman Power29 Mar5-17-29th
Cuban Dancer29 Mar10-34-12nd
Definite Winner29 Mar14-114-12nd
Tartan Cookie28 Mar6-114-13rd
Ashfield Paddy28 Mar9-24-12nd
Knowwhentorun28 Mar9-411-105th
One True King27 Mar11-29-26th
Declaring Love27 Mar7-211-41st
Tommys Oscar27 Mar4-12-11st
React27 Mar7-15-210th
Shantou Village27 Mar4-115-25th
Capla Crusader26 Mar9-25-21st
Jack of Trades26 Mar6-113-24th
Magna Morallia26 Mar3-111-47th
Air To Air26 Mar6-410-112nd
Imphal25 Mar3-110-37th
Falcon Sun25 Mar9-23-14th
Keep The River25 Mar9-27-43rd
Rock on Rocco25 Mar11-24-13rd
Russian Exile24 Mar6-113-2Fell
Broken Quest24 Mar9-27-1PU
Winter Getaway24 Mar9-110-32nd
Ambassador24 Mar2-12-11st
Loughan23 Mar6-18-13rd
Sound of Music23 Mar5-19-1PU
Armand De Brignac23 Mar7-27-12nd
Court Master22 Mar9-210-31st
Presenting Dylan22 Mar4-17-410th
Ezindjan21 Mar4-13-17th
Farne21 Mar5-19-21st
Elysian Flame21 Mar5-25-21st
Kilbeg King20 Mar4-111-81st
Dunhallow Lad20 Mar4-19-24th
Postie20 Mar16-110-15th
Blakerigg20 Mar9-211-2PU
Fairway Freddy20 Mar4-14-14th
Idilico19 Mar4-15-16th
Olympic Conqueror19 Mar3-110-31st
Zwelela19 Mar9-210-31st
Buddha Scheme18 Mar5-29-4PU
Presenting Pete18 Mar4-14-13rd
Kloud Gate18 Mar4-16-110th
Oslo17 Mar3-13-15th
Torrent Des Mottes17 Mar9-117-25th
Phuket Power17 Mar9-110-14th
BreezyandBright16 Mar50-125-15th
Lincoln Park16 Mar8-17-21st
Blue Bikini16 Mar9-411-43rd
White Moon15 Mar8-13-15th
Master Tradesman15 Mar20-112-1PU
Parramount15 Mar5-110-31st
Blame The Game15 Mar11-411-45th
Poker Play14 Mar8-111-14th
Glasvegas14 Mar7-411-101st
Griggy14 Mar7-22-13rd
My Last Oscar13 Mar14-116-14th
Sacre Couer13 Mar5-1NRNR
Jack The Truth13 Mar9-26-13rd
Nelson Guy13 Mar9-415-81st
Minster13 Mar10-38-17th
Tidal Watch12 Mar10-118-13rd
Antunes12 Mar9-47-23rd
Golden Emblem12 Mar4-14-15th
Polar Cloud11 Mar16-118-13rd
Cloud Thunder11 Mar9-29-24th
Lady Chuffnel11 Mar10-36-12nd
Nonios10 Mar8-18-13rd
Finnegans Garden10 Mar9-216-53rd
Side Shot10 Mar3-17-42nd
Stay Focused9 Mar14-15-19th
Amarillo Sky9 Mar6-15-21st
Reaction Time9 Mar10-311-27th
Exalted Leader8 Mar10-111-14th
Intercessor8 Mar33-128-19th
Black Tulip8 Mar5-23-14th
Reverend Jacobs7 Mar16-117-26th
Bonny Boru7 Mar16-125-1PU
Pobbles Bay7 Mar8-19-15th
Oxwich Bay7 Mar4-110-31st
Rattle Owl6 Mar11-110-16th
Haul Away6 Mar12-125-13rd
Glynn6 Mar11-210-3PU
Small Present6 Mar4-13-11st
Cloth Cap6 Mar10-310-31st
Grigora5 Mar6-113-211th
Barbados Blue5 Mar9-27-22nd
Guernesey5 Mar7-17-27th
Grangeclare Knight5 Mar14-19-23rd
Crown Hill4 Mar7-110-111th
American Gerry4 Mar33-114-13rd
Otto Oyl4 Mar6-19-46th
Tajdid3 Mar14-15-24th
Propagation3 Mar4-110-33rd
Della Mare3 Mar11-415-81st
Mocacreme Has3 Mar5-26-43rd
Destacado2 Mar9-110-17th
Tidal Watch2 Mar6-110-1Unseated
Ursa Major2 Mar6-110-33rd
Silk of Scarlet1 Mar14-17-16th
Dancing King1 Mar6-13-11st
Dandolo Du Gite1 Mar2-1NRNR
NameDateAdvised PriceStarting PricePosition
Gentleman Valley28-Feb5-111-26th
Stitch Up28-Feb9-125-18th
Hidden Commander28-Feb15-216-1PU
Monsieur D'Arque27-Feb5-14-18th
Strong Economy27-Feb16-112-16th
Roko George26-Feb9-217-21st
Welsh Saint26-Feb5-113-24th
Gumbo Flyer25-Feb28-118-17th
Supreme Escape25-Feb9-213-25th
Hint of Stars24-Feb4-17-41st
Get Your Own24-Feb3-110-34th
Rockys Treasure24-Feb13-210-35th
Trichet Waterbury24-Feb5-13-17th
Uncle Jumbo23-Feb7-110-33rd
Raymond23- Feb6-113-21st
Classical Wave22-Feb10-15-11st
Terriman22- Feb9-15-18th
Revolutionary Man22-Feb11-47-41st
She's A Supermack21-Feb 7-23-14th
Mick Maestro21-Feb 7-27-23rd
Hold The Note21-Feb 11-24-12nd
Fifty Ball21-Feb 14-114-12nd
Horn Cape21-Feb 4-17-27th
The Warrior20-Feb 16-133-11st
L'Ami Serge20-Feb 25-128-1PU
Remastered20-Feb 4-19-21st
Flagrant Delitiep20-Feb 2-12-12nd
Admiral Barratry19-Feb 5-14-12nd
Ritchie Valens19-Feb 3-111-85th
Kaproyle19-Feb 6-15-110th
Colonel Custard18-Feb 14-18-13rd
Goldencard18-Feb 9-411-2PU
Overworkedunderpaid18-Feb 3-13-11st
Land of Smiles18-Feb 9-23-14th
Big Norm18-Feb 5-16-12nd
Lunar Bounty17-Feb10-111-12nd
Roller17-Feb 5-111-21st
On Call17-Feb 33-133-14th
Sandy Brook17-Feb 5-15-21st
Arabic Welcome16-Feb 3-12-15th
Sheriff Garrett16-Feb 20-110-11st
Informateur16-Feb 3-15-24th
Always Resolute15-Feb NRNRNR
Smarty Wild15-Feb 6-17-25th
Hydroplane15-Feb 2-111-81st
Beija Flor14-Feb 4-15-14th
Oud Metha Bridge14-Feb 11-18-15th
Oscar Elite14-Feb 4-14-13rd
Uhtred14-Feb 4-111-25th
Mummy Bear13-Feb 2-14-73rd
Sergeant Major12-Feb 10-3NRNR
Be My Sea12-Feb 11-29-24th
The Great Collection11-Feb 4-19-22nd
Loughan11-Feb 9-27-112th
Remember The Man11-Feb 25-133-16th
Ballybough Mary11-Feb 4-19-42nd
Roman Mist10-Feb 3-19-43rd
Andre Amar10-Feb NRNRNR
Royal Advice10-Feb NRNRNR
Rafiot09-Feb 7-211-46th
Iva Reflection09-Feb 7-29-24th
Royal Kahla08-Feb 15-811-102nd
Mack The Knife08-Feb 10-35-61st
Yaazain07-Feb 20-140-16th
Youmdor07-Feb 5-210-34th
Deise Aba06-Feb 10-117-21st
Ventura Kingdom06-Feb 4-12-14th
Hitman06-Feb 5-22-1Fell
Merry Secret06-Feb 9-110-31st
Zabeel Star05-Feb 14-150-110th
Destin D'Ajonc05-Feb 11-27-21st
Carrrolls Milan05-Feb 7-23-1PU
Unforgiving Minute05-Feb 3-15-41st
Fancy Footings04-Feb 8-13-12nd
Lieutenant Rocco04-Feb 7-215-81st
Stormy Flight04-Feb 3-15-23rd
Win Win Power04-Feb 9-43-14th
Desque De Lisle04-Feb 7-27-1PU
Distingo03-Feb 4-185-405th
The Last Day03-Feb 8-110-16th
Catch My Breath03-Feb 10-310-34th
Mondammej02-Feb 7-24-18th
Luckofthe Draw02-Feb 5-29-25th
Set In Stone02-Feb 4-15-110th
Red Poppy01-Feb11-47-24th
NameDateAdvised PriceStarting PricePosition
Sovereign Leader31-Jan7-26-15th
Royal Kahala30-Jan9-4NRNR
Semper Augustus30-Jan4-12-12nd
Well Smitten30-Jan16-120-1PU
Her Indoors29-Jan5-111-21st
Le Grand Fromage29-Jan4-14-18th
Broughtons Flare29-Jan7-112-16th
Win Win Power27-Jan3-111-81st
Ruby Red Empress27-Jan5-22-14th
Precision Storm26-Jan10-310-31st
Straight Ash26-Jan10-310-32nd
More Than A Memory26-Jan6-1NRNR
Horn of Plenty26-Jan7-27-21st
Black Kalanisi25-Jan10-39-42nd
African Dance25-Jan6-11-81st
The Imposter25-Jan18-1NRNR
Air Time23-Jan5-17-26th
City Flame23-Jan14-122-110th
NotThe Chablis22-Jan5-17-43rd
Tommy's Oscar22-Jan5-213-81st
Pledge of Peace21-Jan8-17-16th
Dieu Vivant21-Jan14-133-14th
Shiricco's Dream20-Jan9-29-26th
Whiskey & Water20-Jan6-114-1Last
Danger Money20-Jan6-110-36th
Don Herbager19-Jan3-15-21st
Buddha Scheme18-Jan7-18-12nd
Henry Croft18-Jan66-180-110th
Only The Brave16-Jan10-35-47th
Will Sting16-Jan13-27-21st
Make Me A Believer16-Jan4-111-23rd
Lady of Aran16-Jan14-113-23rd
Jens Fella15-Jan10-115-87th
Conkwell Legend14-Jan9-45-13rd
Hot Smoked14-Jan12-125-1PU
When You're Ready13-Jan5-13-11st
Cilaos Grace13-Jan9-211-27th
Rainbow Mirage13-Jan17-26-15th
Its Nice To Be Nice12-Jan11-111-17th
Tich Toch12-Jan11-26-15th
Unit Sixtyfour12-Jan7-115-26th
Hawthorn Cottage11-Jan12-18-12nd*
Flagrant Delitiep11-Jan15-85-41st
Song of The Hunter11-Jan3-17-23rd
Love of Zoffany11-Jan9-25-16th
Forest of Dean11-Jan7-29-24th
Tea Time on Mars10-Jan16-19-14th
EcClair Surf10-Jan10-36-44th
Lions Virgil10-Jan3-15-12nd
Scarlet Dragon09-Jan7-211-43rd
Who Cares Wins09-Jan11-49-44th
Kevin The Minion08-Jan3-17-47th
Smart Qibili08-Jan9-411-42nd
Swinging Eddie07-Jan4-16-43rd
Night Force07-Jan15-25-15th
Aberama Gold06-Jan5-23-16th
Kingdom Found05-Jan13-29-27th
Stevie McKeane05-Jan6-17-27th
Swiss Pride05-Jan13-211-43rd
By Jove05-Jan9-24-11st
Ratoute Tutty04-Jan25-114-1PU
My Girl Maggie04-Jan11-46-41st
Ripper Roo04-Jan10-37-22nd
Right Hand of God03-Jan9-217-25th
De Little Engine03-Jan10-110-39th
Ar Mest03-Jan4-17-23rd
Emirati Durham02-Jan8-19-26th
Mirage Mac02-Jan11-27-14th
One To Go02-Jan3-13-17th
Monsieur Lecoq02-Jan7-211-23rd
Cold Harbour01-Jan4-14-15th
Perfect Swiss01-Jan11-27-21st
Ayr Harbour01-Jan3-12-11st
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